Cesar & Lois collective
Cesar & Lois is a collective that probes the evolution of humanity’s relationship to nature by advancing intersections between the parallel networks of technology, biological and societal systems. Cesar & Lois consists of Brazilian media artist Cesar Baio and California-based media artist Lucy HG Solomon, often in conversation and collaboration with other artists, scientists and researchers. Formed in summer of 2017, Cesar & Lois has launched a number of projects that reorient technology and society to nature. They are currently working with the fungal colonization of human knowledge systems through the merging of fungal networks and Internet-based communications. Winner of the 2018 Lumen Prize in Artificial Intelligence, the project Degenerative Cultures inserts a microbiological logic into A.I. and challenges the socio-technological division between humanity and nature.



The Bhiobrid Logic of Degenerative Cultures in Sentient States: Bio-mind and Techno-nature at Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Porto, Portugal (June 2019)

Traces of Nature’s Knowledge in Subterranean at San Diego Mesa College Art Gallery, San Diego, California (April 2019)

Crossing Knowledge Systems: Conversations across Nature and Humanity in ICIA at Galeria Wydziatu Intermediów OPCJA in Krakow, Poland (December 2018 – January 2019)

An Integrated Bhiobrid Reality: Degenerative Cultures in The Urgency of Reality in a Hyper-Connected Age for SIGGRAPH 2019

Thinking Like a Mushroom in Grey Matter at A Ship in the Woods in Escondido, California (January 2019)

Degenerative Cultures in Uncommon Natures, Lumen Prize exhibition in Brighton Digital Festival at Pheonix Brighton in Brighton, UK, with Jeremy Speed Schwartz (coding), Scott Morgans (microbiology) and Joao Ignacio (culturing) (September 2018)

The [ECO]Nomic Revolution: when microbiological logic determines everything at Urban Futures at ISEA (International Symposium on Electronic Art) 2018 in Durban (June 2018)

Degenerative Cultures, with Interpretative Readings by CSUSM students, at CODAME ART+TECH Festival in San Francisco, CA (June 2018)

[ECO]nomic revolution at the LAST (Life, Art, Science and Tech) Festival 2018 at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Stanford University (April 2018)

Microgentrification takes over Los Angeles at JAUS Art Space in Los Angeles (April 2018)

[ECO]nomic Paths: following microbiological logic, a city-based happening in Berlin (February 2018)

Preliminary Thoughts on Degenerating Culture as part of XX Generative Art Exhibition 2017 at Ravenna Art Museum (MARR) in Ravenna, Italy (December 2017)


“Crossing Knowledge Systems,” Consciousness Reframed, Sentient States: Porto, Portugal (June 2019)

“An Ecotopic Framework for Rethinking Societal Paradigms, ”World-Ecology Research Network Conference: Planetary Utopias, Capitalist Dystopias: Justice, Nature & the Liberation of Life, SF (May 2019)

“Artificial Intelligence,” Discussion with Cesar Baio and Rodrigo Nemmen; mediated by Rogerio Rosenfeld: Science in Dialogue: Physics and Art, South American Institute for Fundamental Research of the International Center for Theoretical Physics (ICTP-SAIFR) at the Institute of Theoretical Physics of Unesp, São Paulo, Brazil (May 2019)

“Fungal Archives: Corrupting a Digital Knowledgebase,” Popular Culture Association: Communication and Digital Culture area, Living Archives: Washington, D.C. (April 2019)

“Cesar & Lois: Microbiology as a Lens for Human Societies,” CSU Humanities and Creative Arts Webcast (March 2019)

“Remapeando a Sociedade de Acordo com Crescimento Microbiológico,” II Workshop Internacional Arte & Ciência: Rio de Janeiro (August 2018)

“The Operating Logic of Spores, ”Special Guest Lecturer at IZM, Universität der Künste (UDK): Berlin (February 2018)

“Mediated Natures – Speculative Futures and Justice” panel at ISEA – 24th International Symposium on Electronic Art 2018: Durban, South Africa (June 2018)


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PUBLICATIONS by Cesar & Lois

Culturas Degenerativas: Experimentações em Torno de uma rede “Biohíbrida”
Degenerative Cultures: Experiments around a “Biohíbrida” Network

Journal, Revista Científica da Fap v. 19 n. 2 (Jul./Dec 2018)
Invitation as special author for issue on Art and Technology

Mediated Natures – Speculative Futures and Justice Panel
Essay in Proceedings: 24th International Symposium on Electronic Art
Durban, South Africa (2018)

Degenerative Cultures, launched at Generative Art in Ravenna, Italy.
GASATHJ – Generative Art Science and Technology hard Journal (2018)

Degenerative Cultures: Corrupting the Algorithms of Modernity
Proceedings: “XX Generative Art 2017, ”Domus Argenia Publisher (Itália) (2017)