Like a Mushroom

Thinking like… texting like… responding like… a mushroom. In an era of mindfulness in what one eats, thinks and does, why not consider a more ecosystemic approach, advancing the whole and communicating across all of the parts?

Why not…

Cesar & Lois: Thinking Like a Mushroom
Think like a Mushroom

Cesar & Lois practices thinking like a mushroom, collectively and with others – that is the only way to think like a mushroom. The first installation of Thinking Like a Mushroom is at A Ship in the Woods in Escondido, California (January 2019).

  1. Observe fungal growth at different stages.
  2. Consider the microorganism’s strategies of growth, how the organism expands and who and what benefits.
  3. Reflect on one’s own capacity for growth and motivations for advancement.
  4. Observe the conduits and circuitry for biological and environmental information passed within and through the fungal system.
  5. Advance the human circuitry for the same.