Fungal tweets in "Degenerative Cultures" by Cesar & Lois

@HelloFungus is the twitter feed of the bhiobrid system, which in different editions has been both broadcast and printed on-site on a thermal printer. The tweets document the composite threads of the living and digital fungal degeneration of human texts. The digital fungus – an AI directed by the biological growth of microorganisms – locates and degenerates online texts on humanity’s ongoing project to control nature. That degeneration across time looks something like this:

AI degeneration of web text in "Degenerative Cultures" by Cesar & Lois

At the same time, the living microbiological organism is redacting text as it grows across a physical book.

An edition by Physarum polycephalum of Studies in Landscape Design by G A Jellicoe (as tweets) was interpreted by Sandra Doller’s writing workshop at CSUSM with Cesar & Lois.

Another reading by Physarum polycephalum – of Existential Phenomenology by William A. Luijpen was broadcast from the twitter feed during the Brighton Digital Festival. The unredacted text excerpt, with 0% growth/generation, reads as follows:

By means of knowledge man overcomes the determinism of nature and of natural processes, for it is through man’s consciousness that nature and its processes are-for-man. Nevertheless, nature,

In the documented reading of Lujipen, the organism’s first redacted word is “man,” and the final tweets read as follows, remarkably repeating, “determinism…determinism…determinism,” in the microorganism’s final tweets, before the organism degenerates the text fully:

Twitter feed is not available at the moment.

An analysis of words output in the twitter feed during Physarum polycephalum‘s reading of Existential Phenomenology by William A. Luijpen: